Automatic Transmission Cleaning at Borough Green Garage

Automatic Transmission Cleaning

Borough Green Garage now offers Automatic Transmission Cleaning, helping your gearbox last as long as possible.

What is a remap?

An ECU remap is a technical re-calibration of your vehicle's software which significantly enhances the power, performance and fuel economy.

Why are these improvements not standard?

Manufacturers sell vehicles all over the world and have to allow for differing conditions within each export market. This means their cars have to perform well in different climates, (hot, cold, dry, humid), at different altitudes, meet varying emissions regulations and work well with different fuel octane's. All of this means that they have to compromise the tuning state in order to ensure a 'one size fits all'.

Can a remap damage my engine?

We are only releasing the power that has already been built in to the vehicle with very little change to the operational load on the engine. In fact, the ability to hold higher gears longer means less overall revolutions and less gear changes.

What software do you use?

We use the highest quality software provided by Byte Flash for all of our remaps.